Dr. Günter Schmid joined the Board of Directors of Biovertis AG and Morphochem AG as a shareholder representative in 2016. Since 1999 he has been a Managing Director of Kapsner & Schmid, a corporate finance advisory boutique, and as such has advised clients on numerous public and private transactions both in the Media & Entertainment and Healthcare sectors. He has also served as Officer, executive and non‐executive Director for public and private companies in the Media & Entertainment sector.

Prior to founding Kapsner & Schmid, Günter Schmid was an investment manager at Apax Partners and a management consultant to the pharmaceutical industry at McKinsey & Company. Before that he worked as researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, the Universidad de LaLaguna and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Günter Schmid holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from MIT and graduated as Diplom‐Chemiker (equivalent to M.Sc. in Chemistry) from the Technical University of Munich. His scientific honors include a Feodor Lynen Fellowship of the Humboldt Foundation, an A.D. Little Fellowship of MIT, and a Kekulé‐Fellowship.