Thomas Szucs is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Medicine and Director of the European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine at the University of Basel.

He previously held the position of Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Hirslanden Holding, the largest private hospital chain in Switzerland. In the academic sphere, he held appointments at the universities of Munich, Bayreuth, Milano and Zurich. In 2010 he received a honorary professor ship of the University of Peking.

Prof. Szucs has worked at F. Hoffman-La Roche, ultimately as the global head of Health Economics. He has served as Chairman of BB Biotech, Bioxell SpA, and Intercell AG and was founding Chairman of Okairos. In addition to his Vice Chairmanship at Biovertis AG, he has been Chairman of Helsana Group, Switzerland’s largest healthcare insurer, since 2010.

Thomas Szucs holds a medical degree from the University of Basel, a Masters in Business Administration from the University of St Gallen, a Master of Public Health degree from Harvard University and an LL.M in International Business Law from the University of Zurich. He is board-certified in Pharmaceutical Medicine as well as in Prevention and Public Health, and is the author of more than 400 articles, book chapters and monographies.

He has worked extensively in the field of pharmaceutical economics and epidemiology. Recently he started a small practice in personalized medicine with special emphasis on pharmacogenomics at the Klinik Hirslanden in Zurich.